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Two 2pc Value Packs Heavy Duty Catch Release Live Humane Animal Cage Traps for Cats, Possums, Skunks, Raccoons 32x10x12, 24x7x7

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Quick Overview
  • 4 Fully Assembled, Ready-to-Use Catch and Release Animal Traps - Large: 32"x10"x12", Medium: 24"x7"x7" (2 of each).
  • Ideal for catching/trapping cats, rats, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, squirrels, gophers, opossums, groundhogs, beavers and similar sized nuisance animals.
  • Allows quick, easy, secure and safe catches, designed to prevent injuries to animals.
  • Each features gravity-action door/sturdy door lock to keep animal inside, and carrying handle to protect and help you avoid contact with the animal during transportation.
  • Iron wire mesh with steel reinforcements, galvanized with powder coating for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring many uses and longer life.
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  • 2 Fully Assembled Large: 32"x10"x12", Medium: 24"x7"x7".
  • quick, easy, secure and safe catches.
  • Iron wire mesh with steel reinforcements.
  • galvanized with powder coating for maximum resistance
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