Vacuum Care: How Often Should You Replace Your Vacuum Bags?

How often do you replace your vacuum bags? You probably don't replace them as often as you should if you're like most people. Replacing your vacuum bags on a regular basis is an important part of taking care of your vacuum, and it can help to extend the life of the machine. In this guide, we will talk about how to care for your vacuum bags and how often to replace them.


HOW DOES IT WORK? (Directly from the LifeSupplyUSA Vacuum Bag Care & Use Manual)

"Vacuum filter bags extend the life of your vacuum cleaner unit by keeping dirt and debris out of the unit’s internal components. In turn, this improves the suction and effectiveness of your vacuum. If you want your unit to maintain peak performance, the prevention of particle build-up in the system is essential.

Not to mention, vacuum filter bags help with the collection of fine airborne particles and irritants that contaminate the air. Normally, these particles get recycled back into the room while you vacuum, but not with a high-quality filter bag. Improve the quality of your environment while you vacuum!"


Nowadays, the "bagged" style vacuum cleaner is outdated and not seen as often as the "bagless" vacuum. However, many people still opt to use bagged vacuums because it is less messy, convenient to dispose of and replace bags, or they are used to having this as part of their vacuum care routine.

However, there is one truly golden advantage to possessing one of these bagged vacuum cleaners: Vacuum filter bags do a better job at collecting fine airborne particles.

One of the vacuum bag's greatest features is its ability to capture and trap the smallest particles, which are typically the most dangerous to your respiratory system. It is most common for people with severe asthma or allergies to prefer the use of bagged vacuum cleaners because they actually help cleanse the breathing air while in use, contributing to the relief of some of those symptoms.

That is why if you don't change the vacuum bags regularly enough, it is almost counterproductive to even use one. Not utilized properly, those overworked, ready-to-burst vacuum bags will cause far more harm than good.

How often do you replace a vacuum bag?

Vacuum bags should be replaced whichever comes first, either:

LifeSupplyUSA replacement vacuum bags are of superior quality. They are sturdy enough to ensure that the bags will not burst, and will properly collect fine particles. They're more affordable than the OEM bag, which in some cases, might not even be manufactured anymore. Using an aftermarket vacuum bag might be the only option, and that's great! LifeSupplyUSA replacement products are an excellent choice.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace the Vacuum Bag?

If the vacuum bag becomes full and is not replaced, your vacuum cleaner will lose suction power. You will start to notice that it is difficult to push or pull across carpeted areas and that your cleaning time has increased significantly.

A full vacuum bag can also cause the motor to overheat and eventually fail, resulting in costly repair expenses or the replacement of a new vacuum.

If you are using an upright vac with a belt-driven system, a full bag will increase the amount of force required to spin the brushroll, which can damage the belt.

Full Vacuum Bag Indicators

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are using the correct type of bag for your vacuum cleaner. Check out the catalog here to see if you can find the correct replacement bag for your vacuum make and model.

Once you have found and installed the correct bags, it's important to check them regularly by simply taking off the cover of your vacuum cleaner and looking inside. If you are replacing every 30-60 days by default, you shouldn't have to worry about it.

But if you prefer not to keep track of the time, you need to familiarize yourself with what the bag looks like 2/3 full, or you can use other indicators to tell it is getting full. You can rely on your other senses to help:


One way to tell if your vacuum bags need to be replaced is by the sound that the machine makes when you are vacuuming. A full bag will make a significantly louder noise than a new or partially-full bag as it struggles to collect new dirt and debris.


You can also judge how often to replace your vacuum bags by the smell that the vacuum emits when you are vacuuming. If it starts to smell bad, your bag is too clogged with dirt and needs to be replaced.


If you are feeling the outside of the vacuum bag and it feels really warm, that is a sign that the bag is full.

    Vacuum Bag Care Tips:

    • Bags can be stored away for many years at room temperature.
    • Do not run a vacuum cleaner without a filter bag, or the vacuum lifespan is potentially at risk.
    • Check if the filter bag is full before running the vacuum cleaner.



    A full bag will reduce the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner, as well as contribute to poor air quality. It could even cause damage to the machine itself which could be expensive or impossible to repair. The take-home message is: check vacuum bags regularly and replace them when they are more than half full!

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