Health Benefits of Activated Carbon Air Filters - They Can Do More Than You Think!

Air pollution has been cited as a major concern for people all over the world. This isn’t a surprise due to the increase in human activities and a rise in industrialization, which has been a major contributor.

Particles, dust, and harmful chemicals from industrial factories, emissions from automobiles, and power plants leave the air awash with numerous toxins, which are quite harmful. Every day goes by with the environment being less safe by a degree.

Aside from the irritation that can occur from inhaling smoke and particles from the air, a bigger problem also lurks. Some chemicals that come from the exhaust of cars and factories, emissions from power plants have carcinogenic properties and could be highly toxic to the systems, leading to numerous diseases after long periods and potentially shortening the lifespan of an average human.

Major Benefits of Activated Carbon Air Filters

LifeSupplyUSA understands that you cannot simply wave a magic wand and make all the air pollution problems go away as an individual. Still, you could help yourself and your family by obtaining air filters to help purify the air in your home. While there are different categories and types of air filters on LifeSupplyUSA, one that is peculiar is the Activated Carbon air filter, also known as Activated Charcoal air filter. The use of charcoal as a purifying agent dates back to centuries when charcoal would be used to purify utensils and equipment.

Health Benefits

Activating charcoal (carbon) involves processing charcoal to enhance and increase its ability to purify. Activated carbon works to trap mold, lint, pollen, allergens, odor, and Volatile organic compounds, making the air safer. You might want to consider the health benefits of Activated Carbon air filters and understand why they are very valuable.

Reduce allergies

Allergic reactions are usually triggered by substances and particles in the environment, usually airborne. These allergens might also cause significant irritation to the eyes. Activated carbon filters such as the LifeSupplyUSA Carbon Activated Pre-Filter works to filter and trap molecules and gases liable to trigger allergic reactions.

Prevent upper respiratory tract irritation

Smoke, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and gases have been known to irritate the upper respiratory tract, causing an itchy throat, sore throat, coughing, and inflamed tonsils. An activated carbon air filter works to absorb and trap irritants in a bed of charcoal and prevent them from getting into your home.

Reduce the risks of Cancer

It is no news that some aforementioned air pollutants have carcinogenic properties, and inhalation can predispose one to cancers over a long period. Activated carbon air filters preclude the entry of these substances into your home.

Eliminate odors

Aside from trapping pollutants, Activated Carbon filters also work to keep the air fresh and odor-free, so you do not have to worry about nauseating odors from household or industrial chemicals.

Choosing The Best Activated Carbon Filter

Before acquiring a new Activated Carbon air filter from LifeSupplyUSA, there are several things to consider to ensure that your air filter does an effective job of keeping your home free of air pollutants and harmful gases.

Sufficient amount of activated carbon

The amount of activated carbon in your filters determine how effective the filter will be at trapping pollutants, volatile organic acids, and ridding your home of bad odors. LifeSupplyUSA provides you with high-density carbon filters that purify your home and guarantee that the air you breathe is safe.

Long filter lifetime

Having to replace and install new filters frequently can be quite off-putting. You require something that would effectively filter for a considerably long time. This would save you the hassle of procuring and installing new filters. LifeSupplyUSA provides you with stellar activated carbon filters that don't get saturated easily and help purify your home's air for longer.

Ease of installation and replacement

Designed to be easily installed and uninstalled without requiring much effort.

Don't underestimate them!

Keeping the air in your home purified is a major gateway to improving your health status.

LifeSupplyUSA is committed to ensuring that you breathe quality air, free of impurities and harmful substances. You are assured of obtaining the best air filters which suit your home and your needs adequately.

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