How to Childproof Extension Cords and Electrical Outlets

Each year, a large number of electrical child-related accidents takes place in various parts of the globe. This sad and ugly incident is capable of leading to electrical shock and untimely death. There is a need to childproof extension cords and electrical outlets bought from the LifeSupplyUSA store.

This article takes a look at the different ways to childproof electrical outlets and extension cords.

How to Childproof Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets from LifeSupplyUSA connect electrical devices to the electricity supply. The most common way to childproof an electrical outlet is to make use of a guard. There are different types of electrical outlets, so the guard used will depend on the type of electrical outlet.

There are three most popularly used covers include the following:

Plastic outlet covers

This is one of the cheapest ways to protect an empty outlet. They are made out of rugged plastic, and have prongs just like the extension cords plug that fit into the outlets. This keeps the outlet covered and prevents objects or fingers from directly contacting the outlet. Small hands cannot easily grip and pull them out because of how flat the front is.

They can be bought in bulk, and they are cheap. They can be removed easily by adults when it is necessary to use the outlet.

Sliding plate covers

Also known as self-closing outlet covers, they are made to entirely replace the outlet cover. They mostly have a sliding function. To plug in something, you’d slide the spring-loaded cover over the plug holes to be able to use the outlet.

Although this type of cord is a bit more expensive, it is considered to be one of the most secure childproofing means. Once you unplug whatever was first plugged in the outlet, the cover slides back to its original position, securing the outlet. They cannot be removed, and the sliding cover is not easy for children to move and play with. The plastic outlet covers and the sliding plate covers can only be used when an outlet is empty.

If in use, it is also important to prevent children from being able to unplug the device from the outlets. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to place a piece of furniture in front of the outlet. Although it might mess with interior decoration, it would be effective in stopping the child from unplugging the cord. There are also other ways to protect occupied outlets if you don’t want to move furniture.

Baby Safety Electrical Outlet

This cover is placed over an existing outlet. The plastic cover is clear therefore allowing you to easily see what's plugged in the outlet. They can be placed anywhere indoors. They are strong and resistant to impact. They can be easily removed by adults but difficult for kids to remove.

Adapter and plug cover

This is a large plastic cover that can slide easily over many adapters, thick extension cords, and normal plugs. It has an in-built cord shortener that prevents the cord from entangling. They are cheap and can be easily installed.

Outlet Cover Boxes

This cover box is used to cover the outlet. It has space inside it for the plugs. An outlet cover box with a two-button release system is preferable as it is extremely difficult for a child to open. They are suitable for heavy appliances such as dryers, refrigerators, and washers to be permanently plugged in. They can be installed easily, and they are slightly expensive.

How to Child Proof Extension Cords from LifeSupplyUSA

Some of the ways to childproof extension cords from LifeSupplyUSA include:

• Opt for a shorter cord or use Cord Shortener: At LifeSupplyUSA, you will find a lot of short extension cords that suit your need. You can also opt for a cord shortener which can be used in storing the excess length of a very long cord. The extra length is stored in a receptacle where a child will not get to it.

• Duct Cord Cover: Duct cord covers are used to strap down long cords running across a room or wall. They are made of plastic or silicone. This helps to create a smooth surface and prevents the wires from tripping a child. You can also use tape to strap them down to the floor or run the wire under carpets.

• Wrap the Cord: In places where there are multiple cords, like the computer area, it is good to keep them organized to discourage children from playing with them. A cord sleeve can be used to achieve this. Cord sleeves are more difficult to remove, and they are not a choking hazard.


The National Fire Protection Association says about 2,400 children are victim of severe burns and shock resulting from poking items into electrical receptacles. There are 6 to 12 deaths per year from these incidents. It is therefore important to childproof electrical outlets and extension cords bought from LifeSupplyUSA to prevent these incidents.

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