Key Considerations for Buying a Generator Extension Cord

It isn’t enough to own a generator set, you also need an extension cord that can be used to transmit electricity from the generator to your home. A generator extension cord from LifeSupplyUSA is a must-have for everyone. This article takes a detailed look at some of the major factors you need to consider when buying a generator extension. Read on to know more.

Why getting just any Generator Extension Cord doesn't work

Utilizing single longer generator extension cords may result in power dropping, thereby posing a risk of possibly damaging either the generator or appliance or both eventually. Using the wrong generator extension cord could have devastating effects that include:

Time wasting

Most traditional generator extensions could seem more time-wasting than you think, and before having to reel out and string together multiple cords and the rigorous setup process, the power must have been restored.

Not compatible with hard-wired appliances

Appliances cannot be connected directly to generators. As such, they require an extension cord to connect to appliances with inlets, hard-wired appliances like furnace fans, ceiling fans, well pumps, etc. are all hard-wired items, and as such, purchasing extension cords for them will be useless.


As a newbie, it may seem a little challenging to understand your appliances' power needs in relation to the extension cord utilized on a portable generator. The wire diameter (gauge) matters a lot when choosing a generator extension cord; purchasing an extension cord with thin wires may heat up when connected to several appliances. Therefore, getting a cord with a thicker wire diameter is most suitable for this purpose.

Visit the LifeSupplyUSA store to see a wide variety of generator extension cord that suits your need.

What you should consider when buying a Generator Extension Cord

Extension Cord Length

When heading out to buy generator extension cords, the first thing that comes to mind is, how long a cord should I purchase? While this may sound like an easy fix, it is normal to be puzzled prior to the purchase of an extension cord for your generator. To save you the stress or any drawback, it is most recommended to get longer cords so they can compensate for any errors in length experienced later on. You can check out 25 Feet 4-Prong L14-30P / L14-30R 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord 10AWG*4 125/250V STW VELCRO STRAP UL APPROVED 25ft from the LifeSupplyUSA store.

Thicker Cords, More Power

Do you need more power? Then purchase thicker cords; they're more suitable for carrying power over long distances; this is due to the wires' size inside the extension cords allowing for more power. Check out the 25 Feet 3 Prong 10/3 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord L5-30P / L5-30R 10AWG*3 125V STW VELCRO ETL APPROVED 25ft from LifeSupplyUSA.


While getting any flexible appliance cord sits right with the mind, it is no different when it comes to generator extension cords. Getting a flexible and robust cord will ensure durability over a longer time, and you also get to fold the cords easily for storage. All extension cords sold in the LifeSupplyUSA online store are flexible; they perform well under high temperatures and do not deteriorate or crack.

Buy Extension Cords According to Workload

Before going out to purchase a generator extension cord, it is ideal to first of all, define the purpose for which you need the cord. Is it for home use with essential home appliances or industrial use on heavy-duty equipment? Suppose you require an extension cord for a lesser workload. In that case, it is ideal to purchase extension cords with a larger gauge size (the higher the gauge, the thinner the wire, and vice versa). For heavy appliances like refrigerators, drills, circular saws, lawnmowers, and the likes, an extension cord with a lesser gauge is preferable to accommodate more power.


Getting the right generator extension cords could seem a little stressful as you may have minor problems picking out the best cord to match your appliance's power needs. LifeSupplyUSA makes this job seem effortless with several cords available in store ranging from longer and flexible cords to thicker and durable cords for your generator. Furthermore, ensure to read the specifications for gauge size, length, and durability before purchasing any extension cord.

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